Premier Perfection!

Steve Heimoff, esteemed wine critic, just gave The Premier Cabernet Sauvignon a perfect 100-point score, writing:

The result is, in a word, stunning. I would stand it next to any Cabernet Sauvignon in the world; it’s that good. I could give this wine 98, 99 points and hedge my bets, but why bother? It’s perfect. Score: 100 points.

One of the many wonderful things about wine is that it is always changing. Like every other living thing, it has a life-cycle. The best wines, those meant for long-term aging, start out as rebellious teens, have a long and glorious adulthood, then slowly descend dirtward.

For this critic, at this moment, this wine…The Premier Cabernet is perfect. You can click here to purchase and make up your own mind!

5 thoughts on “Premier Perfection!

  1. I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy this world class wine. I feel incredibly fortunate to have savored this gem born from California’s original wine country. My congratulations to Steven Mirassou and his team for bringing this beauty out for the world to enjoy.


  2. Love this wine. I’ve enjoyed every Premier from 2010 through 2017 and though I love them all, 2017 is special. If a wine were ever to be called “life changing”, this is it. Buy a case and enjoy a bottle each year on your birthday for the next 12 years – this is the once a year kind of special wine that you’ll remember for years to come and it will continue to evolve in amazing ways. Well done, Steven Mirassou, well done.


  3. Fabulous review for fabulous wines! Steven Kent has been a favorite of mine for many years! It’s great to see his hard work paying off! Not to mention being able to enjoy such stellar wines! Cheers!


  4. Steven Mirassou creates beautiful and elegant wines from the Livermore Valley. His passion and dedication flows from every bottle. His wines are a touchstone for comparison to all others for me. Deliciously well balanced. Premier Cabernet is one of my all time favorites. I highly recommend savoring some for yourselves!

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