Lineage: Life and Love and Six Generations in California Wine
by Steven Kent Mirassou
Hardcover – June 2021

Steven Kent Mirassou Headshot

Steven Kent Mirassou received his BA in American Literature from the George Washington University and his MA in Literature from NYU. He was born in the Salinas Valley and grew up in San Jose and Los Gatos before going east to college. Lineage: Life and Love and Six Generations in California Wine is his first book.

Mirassou started his wine career in sales but found his true passion after moving into the production side of the business in 1996. Steven has made the highest rated wines from the Livermore Valley, is a founder of the Mount Diablo Highlands Wine Quality Alliance, and the President of the Livermore Valley Wine Growers Association.

Steven has four adult children, April Coffey, Aidan Mirassou, Katherine Mirassou, and Sara Mirassou. He lives in Pleasanton, CA with his fiancée, Nancy Castro, and their three dogs.

I Dream of the Pruning Shear

I dream of the pruning shear.

And the wood unmoored,
And the fulgent buds as they fall.

I come upon a hand of shading fingers
Where one will suffice,
A crone’s polydactyly.

The chink of shear, and the weep at the reaping.
The blood tastes
Of sweet clean water. On the shearing hand,
It bleeds.
The left one finds the sun.

I dream of the pruning shear.

What of the lurid life?
Of the unsustainable and the pedestrian?
A cut feels wrong but
Thinks of the requisite.


Has its place. It is not here,
Where more lessens the outgrowth, and makes
Less of the thoughtful lessening.

I dream of the pruning shear.


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